Payment Information

At Print Station, we offer two secure and convenient payment options for your online purchases:

Yoco – Visa & Mastercard Credit Cards and More

Make instant and secure payments using Yoco, our trusted payment gateway that accepts Visa, Mastercard, and other payment forms. Your order status will immediately change to processing upon successful payment.

Electronic Transfers (EFT) to FNB Account

Choose the Electronic Transfer option to make payments directly to our FNB account. Please note that the order status will only transition to processing once the funds reflect in our account.

Important Payment Details

  • Payment Reference: Ensure to use your order number as the payment reference for EFT transactions. Incorrect references may cause delays in allocating your payment, potentially affecting your order’s production status.

  • Proof of Payment: Email your proof of payment to with the subject line being your order reference. This step is crucial for accurately tracking and processing your payment.

  • EFT Processing Time: EFT payments from banks other than FNB may take until the next day to reflect, provided the payment is made before 4 pm. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by banks, and sometimes delays are inherent to the banking system.

  • Cash Deposits: For cash deposits, multiply your order amount by 1.07 to cover the additional cash deposit handling fee charged by banks. Failure to pay the additional amount may result in your order being placed on hold until the payment is completed.

Order Status Updates

  • Yoco Payments: Your order status will change to processing immediately upon successful Yoco payment.

  • EFT Payments: Orders paid via EFT will initially be set to hold and then changed to Pending Payment. Once the funds reflect in our account, the order status will be updated to processing.

Additional Information

  • Payment Gateway Issues: If you experience issues with payment gateways like Yoco, please wait a few minutes and attempt the transaction again. For Yoco-related concerns, kindly refrain from contacting us, as we have no control over their systems due to privacy laws.

Your seamless payment experience is essential to us. If you encounter any difficulties or have specific payment-related inquiries, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing Print Station!